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Isabell: Game Designer

Hello Isabell! Can you tell us a bit about you?

Hello! I am a videogame nerd, and I am from Gothenburg. I have been obsessed with videogames since I was 7 years old, and it’s been a natural part of my life ever since. I grew up on a tiny island and moved into the big city of Stockholm when I joined Chief Rebel. It’s quite different; there’s a lot more people, noise and lots of things happening, but the upside is that there’s faster internet, which helps with my gaming 😉

I always knew that I wanted to make games. Back in highschool I only knew about game programming, so I started studying that and soon realised it didn’t fit my personality or my creativity. I went into streaming, and then I did some research and found out there’s way more to game development than I originally thought. I applied to FutureGames at their Game Design programme, met the Chief Rebel Directors through the TING – a FutureGames event for students to meet industry representatives – and here I am now.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I play games 😀 But if i am not gaming you will find me either at the gym, hanging out with friends or binge watching anime. Right now I’m watching Bleach for the second time and refreshing my memory before I get into watching the Thousand-Year Blood War arc.

Whatever I do, be it gaming, working out, or any other life activity, I do it only in one way; competitively!

I am so proud of doing something that gave so much happiness to that small, 7 year old version of me.

Do you have any advice for other women in the industry, especially Game Designers like you?

If you are in the industry now, it means that you were good enough to get the job. So trust yourself, your opinions and your instincts. Do not be afraid of speaking up, of voicing your thoughts, and to show that you are passionate. Do not be afraid of being wrong, it is good to be wrong because it’s the only way to learn. You are where you are now because you are good at it, so trust that and trust yourself.

Game Designer Isabell testing a game and wearing a headset

What do you do at Chief Rebel and how does a day at work look?

I’m a Game Designer. My days are often different. Depending on my current tasks, I talk to everyone at the office, be it animators, VFX artists, concept or 3D artists, and gameplay programmers. The way we approach our discussions consists of identifying the desired end result and finding the best possible way to get there.

I draw a lot of inspiration from other games that I play and I spend a lot time of dissecting the most fun parts and figuring out what it is that makes them so enjoyable. One of the most fun parts of my role is jumping on a new task and having a clean slate to look at all the options that we could run with for a certain part of the game. It’s kind of like a really fun puzzle that I get to solve.

What makes you passionate about making games?

When I was 7 and first started playing, I got a feeling that is difficult to describe with words. I was enchanted by these fantasy worlds and spent my time exploring them in awe. I was teaming up with people to fight bosses, and making real connections with life-long friends.

I wanted to get the chance to give that same feeling to other players. What drives and fulfils me is creating super cool experiences like ones that I experienced as a kid. I am so proud of doing something that gave so much happiness to that small, 7 year old version of me.

What is your favourite thing about Chief Rebel?

My absolute favourite thing is the atmosphere and environment. Thanks to the people and the company culture, it feels to me like a second home. It doesn’t feel like going into work, it’s fun and peaceful at the same time. You can tell that people are passionate about the game and about being here, which rubs off on everyone. The culture is very open and I like that we practice vulnerability and we build a safe environment to help each other, learn and grow.