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Game Designer Isabell testing a game and wearing a headset
Meet the Team

Isabell: Game Designer

I grew up on a tiny island and moved into the big city of Stockholm when I joined Chief Rebel. It is quite different, there’s a lot more people, noise and lots of things happening, but the upside is that there’s faster internet, which helps with my gaming!

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Environment Artist Evelina talking with colleagues on a break from work
Meet the Team

Evelina: Environment Artist

I started working as an intern at Chief Rebel in 2020 as an Environment Artist and I’ve been here ever since. I didn’t know about the games industry when I started looking for schools, but I knew I wanted to do something creative and I enrolled to study graphic design.

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Drone photo of the Sthlm 01 building

We’ve Moved to Sthlm 01

We’re excited to announce that we’ve moved into a new office! Our new space is still located in the heart of Stockholm; on the green line stop of Gullmarsplan.

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